• People of the Book

    People of the Book


    Sarajevo is a city where for centuries people of all faiths and origins have lived harmoniously. But war challenges that peace and turn’s friends against each other.

    In 1942 the Nazis sacked the city in search of antiquities of historic and monetary value, they were in search of the Sarajevo Haggadah. As significant a document as the dead sea scrolls, the Jewish and Muslim community combine to work it’s safe passage out of the city.

    Becoming a symbol of unity and peace, the story of how this ancient text bound together people fighting for their lives is inspiring, touching and resonant.

  • In the Hours of the Night

    In the Hours of the Night


    In William Bradford Huie’s gripping piece of historical fiction, IN THE HOURS OF THE NIGHT, Huie bases his protagonist, FRANK CASTLETON on several of the top advisors in both President Roosevelt and President Truman’s cabinets who were instrumental in the development of the atomic bomb.

    Castleton, a true patriot, sits on the Atomic Energy Commission, serving as the liaison between the scientists and both presidents. And when both presidents renege on their promise that the US will use the bomb to broker work peace, Frank is left devastated that he’s had a part in the establishment of the nuclear age. Castletown suffers a mental breakdown, and we meet him as he begins sessions with a naval psychiatrist and nurse who are tasked with his rehabilitation.

  • Mother Russia

    Mother Russia


    Journalist Anna Politkovskaya becomes the loudest voice against the Putin regime’s wrongdoings, specifically the genocide in Chechnya, braving the Chechen killing fields in spite of numerous death threats and being detained and beaten.

    When Chechen rebels take Russian civilians hostage at the Dubrovka Theater, it is Anna who the rebels request to mediate. Anna’s influence over a potential resolution intimidates Putin, and as such, he orders the bombardment of the theater, killing 170 civilians. But Anna’s dedication is relentless; so much so that when Putin attempts to poison her and fails, she persists, putting aside her duties as a wife and mother to be a national hero.

    Ultimately, Putin has Anna executed. Yet her contribution to the freedom of the press lives on to this day.